Project C – Codenamed MMO First Look

Darewise Entertainment revealed the first glimpse of its brand-new, massively multiplayer online game, codenamed Project C.

Project C invites the players to explore, conquer and dominate a massive hostile persistent sci-fi world. The game offers players genuine innovation in game design with emphasis on emergent memorable gameplay moments: a single-shard virtual world, continuously updated with new chapters of the game’s story, containing a fully simulated ecosystem of creatures and resources, in which player choices create permanent changes.

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About Project C Codenamed MMO

Project C is creatively spearheaded by the visionary talents of Thief designer Randy Smith and Dishonored and Half-Life 2 art director Viktor Antonov. The pair is supported at Darewise by a crew of industry professionals bearing considerable AAA experience across a number of world-renowned franchises.

Darewise continues to grow, actively recruiting further first-class talent to make Project C, and many other exciting endeavours, a reality. Next to Randy Smith and Viktor Antonov, key members at Darewise have years of experience in the industry, including founder and CEO Benjamin Charbit (Assassin’s Creed), executive producer Vincent Marty (Ghost Recon, Might & Magic), lead artist Bradley Jeansonne (Call of Duty, DOOM, Halo), system designer Rémy Boicherot (Mafia), lead programmer Aurélien Caussin (Ghost Recon) and technical director Samuel Kahn (The Division, Ghost Recon). More information about Darewise’s expanding team can be found at the studio’s official website.

Benjamin Charbit, Darewise’s CEO, said:

“Darewise has evolved, over the last year, from a publisher outsourcing the development of mid-tier games to a more traditional game development studio. We’re now maximising the tremendous expertise across the team to produce our own AAA-level games, and develop major IPs.”

Project C is the first step of this ambitious journey, to become a quality-first independent company, competing in the AAA field with truly innovative experiences. Our inspiration comes from companies such as Pixar or Bungie, who have been committed to quality and amazing company culture since day one.”

In February 2018, Darewise confirmed a technology partnership with the UK-based SpatialOS developers Improbable. Darewise will use the most cutting-edge technology available on Project C and future developments, exploring mind-blowing art and innovative gameplay alongside similarly inspired collaborators, to successfully realise bold ambitions.

Further information on Darewise, and assets including Project C concept art by Viktor Antonov and Bradley Jeansonne, can be found in the ICO press room.

More Information

Follow what’s happening at Darewise Entertainment, and stay up to date with its latest career opportunities, via its official website and Twitter.

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