Ostranauts Spaceship-Life Sim Title

Ostranauts Spaceship-Life Sim Announced – Late 2019

Blue Bottle Games announced Ostranauts spaceship-life survival sim with an anticipated late 2019 release on Steam. Eight years ago, developer Daniel Fedor, whom worked at BioWare for 7 years on AAA rpgs, began work on NEO Scavenger. Five years of updates and ports, but ultimately Daniel decided it was time to begin working on a new game. What started as simply a “space prototype,” has turned into so much more. About Ostranauts Ostranauts is a detailed simulation of owning…

Trials Rising Open Beta Title

Trials Rising Open Beta

Ubisoft announced the Trials Rising Open Beta will take place 21st February to 25th February on PlayStation®4, Xbox One…

Hyper Jam Arena Brawler Title

Hyper Jam Arena Brawler Released

Hyper Jam, the neon-soaked arena brawler from Bit Dragon, invites you to join the fight. Hyper Jam brings synthwave-fueled…

Hazardous Space Game Title

Hazardous Space Turn-Based Action RPG

Black Tower Entertainment announced the release of Hazardous Space, 2D survival game with RPG elements in the best traditions…


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