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Chef: A Restaurant Tycoon Game full release out today

by Thelget

Innervoid and Digital Tribe announced the full commercial release of Chef: A Restaurant Tycoon Game on August 20th, 2020. The game now available on Steam, GOG and Humble Store at an MSRP of $19.99, with a 20% limited time discount celebrating the “Grand Opening”.

About Chef: A Restaurant Tycoon Game

Chef allows you to personally don a kitchen apron and embark on an exciting career in the world of professional cooking. Starting with nothing but pocket change, a small restaurant, and an ambitious dream, you’ll ascend from the life of a humble cook to that of a world-famous chef.

Highly customizable, Chef merges realistic environment graphics with colorful, cartoony character avatars. In addition to deciding every aspect of your budding eatery’s decor, ambiance and equipment, players can tweak the appearance and skills of the main character, with an RPG-style progression system, unlocking new templates to use in the Recipe Editor to access new cooking paths and cuisine styles. Designing a menu, shopping for ingredients, and managing your staff, Chef is a great way to play out your dream or prepare you for your next career.

Chef Restaurant Tycoon Game ss1


  • Create your own avatar and level them up across 6 different skill trees with more than 100 abilities to choose from.
  • Full restaurant management: choose the restaurant’s location and layout, hire the staff, design the menu, and determine the restaurant’s policies.
  • Customize every aspect of your restaurants: Choose from over 150 different variations for floors and walls, and over 200 appliances and decorations that can be individually placed and colored.
  • Experiment with a realistic recipe editor: Use the skills and ingredients at your disposal to create one-of-a-kind dishes that are accurately rated by taste and aroma.
  • Choose your own cooking style: Specialize in meat or seafood, go vegetarian or vegan, or offer a vast selection of spicy or exotic dishes. The choice is yours and the world will react to it accordingly.
Chef Restaurant Tycoon Game ss2

“Chef is a deep, but light-hearted restaurant simulation, combined with an emergent narrative and RPG elements, meeting the needs of management game aficionados. It requires a good mix of strategic decision making, creativity and almost constant plate-spinning to keep your customers happy. After spending 18 months in Steam Early Access we are excited to finally have the game completed. We appreciate the feedback and the insightful commentary provided by the community during this time. We hope, to continue growing our menu by adding additional features and functionality in the future.”

Fabio Distefano, Creative Director at Innervoid Interactive

Available Now

Chef: A Restaurant Tycoon game is now available with a 20% discount on Steam and GOG. Learn more about the game by visiting the official website, liking it on Facebook and following on Twitter.

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