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Surgeon Simulator 2 Release Date

by Thelget

Bossa Studios unveiled a new game mode and release date details for the upcoming Surgeon Simulator 2. Bossa Labs Creation Mode, a secondary gameplay option, playable alongside the title’s story mode, provides players with a set of easy-to-use tools with which they can create any number of levels and experiences, ready to upload and share with the wider community. In addition, the new trailer confirms that Surgeon Simulator 2 will launch on 27th August 2020, with players able to access a Closed Beta weekend (7-9th August) by pre-ordering on the Epic Games Store now.

About Surgeon Simulator 2

Surgeon Simulator 2 is the gut-busting sequel to the original bonafide operation sim, Surgeon Simulator. Released in 2013, Surgeon Simulator was notorious for its chaotic gameplay and hilarious disregard for medical accuracy. For the sequel, Bossa Studios has prescribed a double dose of physics-based pandemonium and a full course of unbridled creativity, providing players with all the tools they need to doctor their own chaos, thanks to the Bossa Labs Creation Mode.

Surgeon Simulator 2 Release ss1

Bossa Labs is the very toolkit used by the development team to create Surgeon Simulator 2 and has been designed with ease-of-use in mind. Up to four players can build levels together online in real-time using an intuitive toolkit that enables not just the creation of exciting spaces, but the freedom to design level logic and gameplay rules, with instant transition between creation and play. Build the ultimate surgical challenge for you and your friends to battle it out over, or create an outrageous limb-based Rube Goldberg machine to marvel at. Construct an ancient temple or a futuristic space station. Design a devilish escape-room or chilled-out bowling alley. Players can let their imaginations run riot and upload their creations for the world to play. The Bossa Labs Creation Mode will be easily accessible from within Surgeon Simulator 2 and requires no additional downloads or resources.

Surgeon Simulator 2 Release ss2

Multiplayer Mode

Experience True Co-operation with All-New Multiplayer mode. Prepare yourself for a new level of physics-based pandemonium in Surgeon Simulator 2’s multiplayer gameplay! Play alongside three other surgeons as you tackle everything from heart transplants to limb replacements. But will your fellow surgeons prove a help… or a hindrance?

Story Mode

Explore the Mysterious Medical Facility in Story Mode! Jump stethoscope-first into Surgeon Simulator 2’s all-new puzzle-based gameplay in Story Mode. While it isn’t exactly brain surgery, anticipate heart-in-your-mouth tests and limb-twisting trials as you explore the many wonders of the Bossa Labs medical facility.

Surgeon Simulator 2 Release Versions

Available to Pre-Order Now

Surgeon Simulator 2 will release on 27th August 2020 and is available for pre-order on the Epic Games Store. By doing so, players will not only unlock access to the Closed Beta on the 7-9th August, but will receive time-exclusive cosmetics including the Mad Scientist cosmetic set. The Surgeon Simulator 2 Deluxe Edition is also available for pre-order and will include all of the previously listed bonuses as well as the Season Pass, Official Soundtracks, the Surgeon Simulator Wristwatch Cosmetic Item and the Super Hero Cosmetic Set. The Standard Edition is available for $24.99 and the Deluxe Edition for $39.99.

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