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Transport INC. – Logistics Simulation Game Arriving Soon

by Thelget

Game Operators announced the release date for their logistics simulation game, Transport Inc., today. Manage your very own fleet of buses, trains, or even planes. Plan routes on the real-world map, upgrade your vehicles, and make sure that when your company launch time comes on August 27th, you’ll be way ahead of your competitors.

About Transport Inc.

Transport Inc. is a clever mix of simulation and strategy games, focusing on management, competition, and economy, but most of all, logistics. Create new communication connections between the capital cities of either America or Europe. Choose between different types of vehicles, from cars to airplanes. Use the ones that bring the biggest revenue and get ahead of the competition. Increase your popularity in cities, so people prefer your transportation company.

Transport INC. Simulation ss1

Modernize your fleet to improve the comfort of your passengers. But most of all, make sure you’re ready to react to ever-changing conditions that can either drag your company to the bottom or become the source of additional income. Got the heads up about a planned strike in Paris? Redirect your vehicles before they get stuck in a traffic jam. Or maybe football finals are happening in Barcelona? Make sure to provide the routes with more trains so angry fans don’t devastate your fleet.

Transport INC. is all about strategic thinking, quick reactions, and seeing opportunities where others see only trouble. And when everything fails you can always do a little sabotage to one of your competitors. In the end it’s business and in business all’s fair.

Transport INC. Simulation ss2


  • Manage your fleet and choose from more than 27 vehicle types in 4 categories.
  • Rule the roads on real-world maps.
  • Watch out for unexpected events and use the opportunity they offer.
  • Play by yourself or choose different levels of opponents.
  • Modernize your vehicles and get ahead of your competition.

Learn More

Transport Inc. logistics simulation game will launch on Steam on August 27th but you can already join the closed beta by completing the beta sign-up for located HERE.

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