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Digital Underground provides the latest in game announcements for pc games that are entering development or a stage of pre-release.

Resort Interactive Mystery Game Title

Resort Interactive Mystery Game Reveal At Gamescom

RESORT interactive mystery game, by Backwoods Entertainment (Unforeseen Incidents), will be shown at Gamescom 2019 for the first time ever. Backwoods will present the…
Emberlight Dungeon Crawler Enters Beta Title

Emberlight Dungeon Crawler Enters Beta

Quarter Onion Games announced that Emberlight dungeon crawler enters beta phase today. Emberlight combines classic PC gameplay with a novel twist, will launch August…
Mutropolis Sci-Fi Archaeological Adventure Title

Mutropolis Sci-Fi Archaeological Adventure

Pirita Studios announced that Mutropolis sci-fi archaeological adventure game set to release the second half of 2019. 100% point & click, developed by two…
Frontline Zed Zombie Tower Defense Game Title

Frontline Zed Zombie Tower Defense Game

Indie developer Richard East, creator of Volcanic Games, announced Frontline Zed zombie tower defense game. An action-strategy topdown shooter set two weeks after a…

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