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Land of War – WWII FPS on the Polish Front

by Thelget

Land of War: The Beginning is a WWII FPS taking place during the nazi invasion of Poland in September 1939, which was the initial moment of World War II. The game’s developer and publisher, MS Games, just released a new music video showcasing the upcoming production (see below).

About Land of War

On the 1st of September 1939 nazi Germany began the invasion of Poland, in a campaign that started World War II. Land of War is absolutely the first FPS video game to focus on the 1939-1940 period of WWII in Poland. This early stage of the war was completely omitted until now and is a completely unexplored part of history both in gaming and in popular culture in general. Creators from an independent development studio MS Games decided to fill this gap with their debut production. Land of War can be seen as a prologue of other, WWII-related games recently released.  

Land of War FPS ss1

Thanks to the cooperation with a reenactment group – SRH Bateria Motorowa Artylerii Przeciwlotniczej, the studio had an opportunity to create the music video using original uniforms and soldiers’ equipment from September 1939. In the music video, you can see many iconic locations that have been reconstructed in the game, such as the Castle Square in Warsaw, Warsaw gasworks or the Hel peninsula with the legendary artillery battery of H. Laskowski.

In collaboration with artists, we managed to prepare a dynamic and modern song that talks about the war zone – says Mateusz Stabryła, the Head of Production. – The song itself aims to bring the ideas of Land of War to a wider range of people thanks to a modernist approach to editing and creation.

Sebastian Binik – Head of Marketing in MS GAMES
Land of War FPS ss2

Relive Historic Battles

Land of War will lead players through battlefields of the September Campaign, such as the battle of Mokra, the siege of Warsaw, the Kampinos forest encounters or the aforementioned defence of Hel. Apart from historical events, players will be able to recreate hypothetical scenarios discussed in war rooms of both sides of the conflict, based on historical plans and documentation. Using a wide array of written sources and expertise from historians, Land of War reconstructs pre-war locations like Warsaw’s Old Town (completely annihilated in 1944) and weaponry, including some prototypes, which will be tested in virtual combat for the first time.

More Information

Land of War will launch their WWII FPS in the beginning of Q2 2021, starting with a digital PC version, to be followed by Xbox Series X later this year. To learn more or get the latest news, visit the game’s official website or follow the game on Facebook.

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