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Big Farm Story, A Life and Farm Game

by Thelget

Big Farm Story, the fun mix of life simulation and farm game with role-playing elements from Goodgame Studios, released for download on Steam as part of Early Access. Take over your grandfather’s farm and work to restore it to its former glory, plant, harvest, and take care of all your animals.

About Big Farm Story

As the unexpected heir to their missing Grandfather’s farm, the player has the opportunity to rebuild the farm to its former glory. Tending their crops, and taking care of the farm animals will keep the player busy but they must also find time to search for their missing Grandfather. There is always something to do in Big Farm Story. Whether expanding or decorating the farm or farmhouse, or visiting your neighbors. Explore, harvest and collect in the nearby forests and learn new skills like fishing or mushroom picking! The dynamic day and night rhythm provides additional variety.

Big Farm Story Game ss1


  • Build Your Dream Farm – Turn your dreams into reality and rebuild your grandpa’s derelict farm to its former glory. Harvest organic vegetables, gather resources and craft your way into the hearts of your farm neighbors as you follow their requests and storylines.
  • Meet Your Neighbors – Be a beloved member of the local community. Meet all unforgettable characters with all their energetic personalities and exciting stories to share. Become close friends with the villagers – Benny, Sam, and all their cheery friends are waiting for you.
  • Farm Adventures – Explore a Big Farm story filled with extraordinary farm adventures. Be curious and discover a peaceful world full of treasures and discoveries. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery and landscapes. Spend a relaxing afternoon gathering wildflowers or go mushroom picking in the woods.
  • Get Them Skills – Level up your character with a variety of skills to aid you in your adventures. Gather stickers while following the storyline and choose your preferred skills your character should learn. Do you want to become the best farmer? Or want to bake the yummiest cookies? It’s your decision whether to boost your crafting, farming or other skills depending on your play style.
  • Animal Lover – Take care of your lovely farm animals and raise chickens, cows and alpacas. Breed farm animals to find rare breeds, and nurture and pet all kinds of adorable baby animals. Rescue the little rabbit and your loyal friend will always be there to show you some love! Take your pet everywhere.
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Big Farm Story Game In Eary Access

With early access, players can look forward to the first two chapters of the game, packed with an engaging story and lively characters. The story will be continuously expanded with free updates and thus guarantees ongoing fun for all pixel farmers.

As an early access pioneer, players will receive the following content:

  • Sweet piglet as an exclusive pet that accompanies the player and finds treasures
  • A resting basket for the piglet at home
  • Six furniture and decorative elements for the individual design of the farmhouse
  • 12 XP-Flower seeds

Over the coming weeks and months, players can also expect additional fresh and free content for Big Farm Story such as:

  •  Gameplay expansion: More animals, pets, crafting recipes and resources to gather will be added along with progressing the story chapter-by-chapter by introducing new characters.·       
  • Multiplayer: Players will be able to meet and chat with people in town, invite their friends to visit their farm
  • Cooking: Players can combine products of the Big Farm Story world and turn them into delicious food to buff themselves, reward friends or fulfill contracts!

More Information

Big Farm Story, the farm simulation game, is available now on Steam for PC for $19.99, check out the store page for more details. Additionally, visit the developer Goodgame Studios’ official website for the latest information and news for all their games.

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