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Digital Underground has a history dating back over 17 years with its first web presence in January of 2000.  At the time I was in the early stages of a career in IT and Digital Underground became a technical blog for all things I learned and worked with in my profession.  A joy to be young and innocent in a budding career, hungry for knowledge and overflowing with passion.. the good ‘ol days.  In early 2005 the site went dormant for nearly five years when I followed career interests overseas.  In 2010, having returned and needing some work/life balance, I decided to forgo the technical focus and make Digital Underground Gaming Blog.

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What exactly should you expect to find on Digital Underground Gaming Blog?

Typically gaming news (mostly press releases), game reviews and opinionated blog posts.  I have zero allegiance to any gaming industry entities, neither publishers or developers.  My focus to provide off-the-cuff, direct and unbiased reviews of the games I play or try.  The opinions are my own, meant to provide another perspective for gamers.. your feedback and opinions always welcome.

While the site is centrally focused on gaming, being someone working in a technical field will likely result in occasional posts related to new or innovative technologies.  For instance, this may include hardware reviews, tech previews and tutorials.  In other words, I’m a geek and may have an itch from time to time to post geeky stuff.

Who the Heck are You and What Makes You An Expert?

In 1981 I got my first computer, the Texas Instruments TI99/4a and quickly became consumed by the technology. I spent countless hours writing my own text-based game in glorious BASIC, stored on my cassette tape drive.  Of course I graduated to the famous masterpiece that is the Commodore 64 from which I ran a BBS throughout the mid to late 80s.  Those years definitely bring back my fondest nostalgia of being involved in cutting edge technology and what would eventually evolve into the modern internet, what a beautiful time.

I am by no means an expert nor would I ever claim to be.  I classify myself as a geek, certified noob gamer and not a very good writer by any means.  The Atari 2600 took my gaming virginity back in 1978 with Pong and I never looked back. Gaming, comics and technology summarize my hobbies/interests in addition to writing about them.  I’m throwing my thoughts and experiences out here for you to consume and provide your own experience or feedback.

Welcome To DU and Thank You For Visiting!

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