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World of Warships Adds Soviet Battleships Title

World of Warships Adds…

Developer released a major update 0.8.4 for its popular naval combat game World of Warships. The next instalment…
Battlerite Royale Goes Free-to-Play Big Patch

Battlerite Royale Goes Free-to-Play

Battlerite Royale, the MOBA and battle royale hybrid, moves out of Steam Early Access into its free-to-play launch at…
Breach Multiplayer Dungeon Brawler Title

Breach Multiplayer Dungeon Brawler

The Battle Begins – Breach Multiplayer dungeon brawler launches as part of Steam Early Access on January 17th! QC…
Professional Fishing Free Title

Professional Fishing Free On…

Play a new fishing simulator from MasterCode, Dueking and Ultimate Games S.A – Professional Fishing free on PC starting…

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