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Skyhill: Black Mist Survival-Horror Game

by Thelget

Klabater and Mandragora Games revealed all-new live-action teaser-trailer for Skyhill: Black Mist, a horror-survival game to be released this fall. Its predecessor, Skyhill, debuted in 2015 and sold 200 000 copies on PC and consoles until today.

Skyhill: Black Mist

In SKYHILL: Black Mist you awake inside a huge and luxurious condominium built by Skyhill Inc. – an omnipotent biotech corporation that literally controls the entire city. You, being one of its new employees, got an apartment and just moved in. Unexpectedly, things have gone terribly wrong: your beloved daughter is missing, lost somewhere in endless corridors of Skyhill complex whole building is suddenly overrun by some dark monsters and possessed cultists that want to hunt you down. You have to save yourself, find and protect your family and survive at all costs in the face of danger, chased by a mysterious black mist that changes humans into vile creatures.

”SKYHILL: Black Mist is not your typical survival or horror game, it is much more story oriented. Hence the idea of live-action trailer to make it more human and emotional. We hear voices from terrified guests, minutes after someone or something takes over the building. It could have happened in a real world. And when hell break loose, our main hero starts his desperate run for survival. So, this movie is like an introduction to our story”

Eugene Kisterev, Studio Head at Manadragora
Skyhill: Black Mist Survival-Horror ss1

Explore the vast and varied locations of the haunted condominium, manage your depleting supplies and take part in stealth-oriented encounters. The game will let you choose the way of solving problems. Use brutal force, remain unseen or find hidden passages to avoid obstacles. Whatever you do, be careful – your enemies are deadly dangerous, the environment is unforgiving and even slightest mistake can cost You dearly. SKYHILL: Black Mist is a unique blend of stealth-action, survival and RPG genres set in a modern dystopian world.

Original Skyhill was a great success for us, but as a developer, we always look to raise the bar higher and explore new areas. Skyhill: Black Mist is a completely new opening for the series in terms of gameplay but it is also much more story-driven than original. We teamed up with Klabater because they are very story-focused publisher, most of their titles rely on touching stories. And that is exactly what we want to do with Skyhill: Black Mist – to make a great survival game but also loaded with cool narration and real emotions.”

Eugene Kisterev, Head of Mandragora Studio
Skyhill: Black Mist Survival-Horror ss2


Non-linear exploration:
Carve your own way in a semi-open world of Skyhill condominium, but also within infrastructure buildings such as, school, shopping center, business lounge, cinema, underground parking space and variety of technical locations. 

Survival at all cost:
You were infected by mysterious black mist and you’re slowly dying… You’re constantly in danger, youhave to search for medicine to heal your wounds, gather and manage resources, craft new tools and weapons to survive as long as possible in this hostile environment. And above all else you need to find a way to stop a mysterious black mist.   

Story-driven plot:
Immerse yourself in a twisted story full of unexpected twists and blurred the line between reality and illusion. Imagine setting known from Die Hard classic movie with a building taken over by bloodthirsty, frenzied cultist instead of terrorists. 

Play Your Way:
Solve problems in your own way. Use the environment to your advantage, lure enemies into traps, sneak using stealth or hit them hard with brute force. You decide. And… if you die, it is not the end – you will continue to seek different gameplay solutions.

Mysterious Threat:
Solve the mystery of dark mist’s origins. Nothing is as it seems, try to distinguish reality from illusions and find out what’s real and what’s not.

More Info

SKYHILL: Black Mist survival-horror game is scheduled for release Fall 2019 and will be released on PC and Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox ONE and Nintendo Switch. Visit the Steam store page to add it to your wishlist now.

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