Population Zero Closed Beta Access

Enplex Games announced its story-driven multiplayer sci-Fi epic Population Zero closed beta kicks off on September 19th. Everyone is invited to sign up for closed beta testing opportunities for the groundbreaking multiplayer sci-fi exploration game. In addition, Enplex has revealed a number of Founders Packs that guarantee access to closed beta, but that are not required to be selected. At the time of Open Beta launch in 2020, Population Zero will be a Free to Play MMO experience.

About Population Zero

Population Zero is an online game about the struggle for survival in a dangerous alien world: the community of players will be divided into colonies and factions, constantly conflicting with each other for territories, resources and technologies. You will be able to fight hostile players, destroy their bases and seize resource-rich lands. Or to create alliances with other colonists and participate in a large-scale conflict of opposing factions, each of which has its own philosophy, separate subject lines and unique abilities.

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Players of all stripes will love the uniqueness of Population Zero as it takes familiar features and gives them a unique touch. Whether it’s the action-based combat system, the tech trees and building systems, the PvP/PvE environment, the robust multi-disciplinary crafting system, or the unique perk system, players will find a lot to love in the game.

Freedom is key in Population Zero as players land on Kepler, a single planet hosting alien species that can be examined, befriended, or fought. While there are two factions, they can be swapped out at will simply by completing quests for one or the other. The Perk System provides tons of player agency to create a unique character using the skills they want. In short, there are no rules when it comes to playing Population Zero the way you want.

Population Zero Closed Beta ss2


  • Action-based PVP and PVE MMO with exploration and discovery at its core
  • A deep character building RPG system with loads of player choice
  • In-depth crafting, tech trees, and building systems
  • A perk system that gives player agency to create the character and skills they want
  • 2 Factions that a player can switch between by completing quests, these also affect the player’s physical biology
  • Explore Kepler, teeming with life you can hunt, adapt to, or befriend  

More Info

To learn more about Population Zero closed beta access, visit their official website. Stay informed by getting the latest updates by following the game on Twitter and Facebook.

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