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Frontline Zed Zombie Tower Defense Game

by Thelget

Indie developer Richard East, creator of Volcanic Games, announced Frontline Zed zombie tower defense game. An action-strategy topdown shooter set two weeks after a zombie apocalypse releases this summer, 2019.

About Frontline Zed

Frontline Zed challenges players with defending against a realistic 3D zombie onslaught by night, whilst managing their time repairing defenses, searching for weapons, and recruiting other survivors by day.

Between the looting, shooting, and surviving, the circumstances and story of the world will be revealed through the player’s diary. At certain points in the game, the player will have important decisions to make – whether to help fellow survivors, or to push ahead at all costs.

Frontline Zed Zombie Tower Defense ss1

Frontline Zed features unlimited zombie ragdolls, with up to 100 zombie corpses on screen. Players can collect 14 unique weapons, and will fight through 12 different American environments on their way towards rescue.

“Frontline Zed is the thinking-man’s topdown shooter: with a focus on action instead of twitch responses. I wanted to push the limits of what a solo indie developer could achieve – using the latest games development technologies to create a visceral, 3D experience for players”

Richard East, Lone Developer – Volcanic Games
Frontline Zed Zombie Tower Defense ss2


  • A story-driven two hours of zombie-shooting pleasure
  • Full Controller support
  • English, German, Russian, Chinese language support
  • Inspired by classic flash games like The Last Stand
  • Frontline Zed: Origins, and Frontline Zed: Aftermath, planned as free story expansions for all owners.

More Information

Visit the official website for Frontline Zed zombie tower defense game to get the latest updates. You can also wishlist the game now via their Steam store page.

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