Emberlight Dungeon Crawler From Quarter Onion

Quarter Onion Games announced Emberlight, a roguelike dungeon crawler that combines classic PC gameplay with a novel twist. Check out the trailer to get a sense of the in-depth gameplay to expect as you delve deeper into the dungeons warping your very being. It is the corruption that makes your party powerful, as to everyone else you face.

Emberlight Dungeon Crawler Trailer

About Emberlight Dungeon Crawler

Emberlight is a true roguelike dungeon crawler, set in a world where the Gods have given you a great gift – and a great curse.

Explore procedurally generated dungeons as a Knight of the Ember Order. Conquer the quests set out before your party, and uncover the lore of the land. Grow your strength by absorbing the abilities of your slain enemies and collecting the powerful traits of dungeon bosses.

Become strong, become quick, become immortal – but be warned – as you fight using unstable Ember powers, they will begin to corrupt and twist your very soul. Every gift of power has its sacrifice; every ability has its cost.

Emberlight Dungeon Crawler ss1

Good or Evil?

As the Gods fight for control of their creations, you must decide what is good, and what is evil. To protect your people against the dangers of Ember power, you must use its power to your advantage. Will you conquer the dark, or will you lose yourself to corruption?

Emberlight incorporates absorbing enemy abilities in a race against their corruption. Explore procedurally generated dungeons as your party works to complete different quests in the name of the Ember Order. But be warned: the very Ember powers used to defeat your enemies will corrupt your very soul.

Emberlight Dungeon Crawler ss2

Sign-Up For Early Access

Players can get access to early builds of Emberlight right now by signing up to Quarter Onion Games Patreon and joining their exclusive Discord channel where they can discuss the game’s development with the team.

“When we started designing Emberlight, we wanted something that pulled from both the nostalgia of games we loved in our past as well as some of the styles of games we’ve greatly enjoyed in the present.”

Co-Founder & Creative Director, William Phelps

“We were huge fans of the Final Fantasy series, particular Final Fantasy X, while also having a blast playing games like Binding of Isaac, Darkest Dungeon, and Slay the Spire.  We saw a path where we could combine our nostalgia with the more modern roguelike elements in exciting and fun new ways.”

More Information

Emberlight dungeon crawler will launch on Steam August 13th, 2019. To get the latest details, check out the Emberlight official website. Additionally, follow the developer on Twitter.

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