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Isle of Spirits launch trailer revealed

by Thelget

Isle of Spirits, the casual castaway survival game from Silver Bullet Games, revealed a launch trailer to celebrate its release on Steam and Xbox One next Wednesday: June 10, 2020 at 9am PDT.

About Isle of Spirits

As is evident in the launch trailer, Isle Of Spirits is a chill and casual survival game in which you stranded on a desert procedurally generated isle.

Explore the isle and collect resources to craft items and tools. Discover an infinite world made of colorful blocks and learn how to master your environment. Overcome obstacles like spirits hidden in the darkness, supernatural phenomenons or dangerous microclimates.

Isle of Spirits launch trailer ss1


  • Explore and observe your new environment. Time is all you have left anyway.
  • Think and learn by yourself about the different ways you can organize your survival.
  • Avoid the natural disasters and protect yourself from strange fogs that roam the island. Death lurks and is relentless on the Isle of Spirits.
  • Organize your days, find resources, cultivate and cook, craft objects and tools, and build a shelter you may call Home.
  • Find a way to escape from this deserted island (is it?) and return to civilization.

I designed Isle Of Spirits to offer a unique survival game experience to be played casually so that this kind of game is accessible to all players”

Kevin Drure
Isle of Spirits launch trailer ss2

Easy to play and with a pleasant musical and graphic environment, designed in voxel and low-poly, Isle of Spirits is designed for casual gamers as well as fans of survival games. In addition, the slow pace of the game and the soft curve of difficulties allow everyone to approach the game in a chill manner and to finish it in several sessions of play.

However, the lack of a tutorial and the Permadeath game mechanic represents a challenge and a real survival experience. The player must analyze his environment and overcome the challenges imposed by each season, especially the harsh winter. He must learn how to survive the climatic disasters such as earthquakes, monsoons and tornadoes that appear randomly but also be wary of the strange fog that covers the island from time to time.

More Info

Isle of Spirits releases on June 10th on Steam for $15, visit the store page to get the latest news or wishlist the game.

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