Deliver Us The Moon Title

Deliver Us The Moon Epic Sci-Fi Adventure

The debut title from the ground-breaking Dutch developers, KeokeN Interactive, Deliver Us The Moon arrives on Steam for Windows PC on October 10. Counting down to launch, Deliver Us The Moon is set to take players to new frontiers on a genre-defining journey. Experience huge ... Read More
Smart City Plan Release Title

Smart City Plan Release In Early 2020

Ambiera, an independent software and game development company based in Austria, announced their next upcoming game Smart City Plan set to release in early 2020. In addition, they released the first screenshots and gameplay footage to give gamers the first look at the future game. ... Read More
Oriental Empires: Three Kingdoms DLC Title

Oriental Empires: Three Kingdoms DLC Out Now

Publisher Iceberg Interactive and Shining Pixel Studios add a new expansion to the Oriental Empires series with “Oriental Empires: Three Kingdoms” DLC, available on Steam and GOG store today, 29th August for $9.99. About Oriental Empires: Three Kingdoms The Three Kingdoms period was one of ... Read More
Secret Government Grand Strategy Game Title

Secret Government Grand Strategy Game Announced

Publisher 1C Entertainment partnered with the Russian developer GameTrek to announce their upcoming grand strategy game: Secret Government. Arriving on Steam Early Access this October, get ready to step into the shadows and manage your very own secret society, complete with all the geopolitical perks you’d expect from ... Read More
sci-fi submarine simulator Barotrauma title

Sci-Fi Submarine Simulator Barotrauma Out Now

Publisher Daedalic Entertainment and independent developers FakeFish and Undertow Games have released the hilarious multiplayer sci-fi submarine simulator Barotrauma for Windows PC, Mac and Linux via Steam Early Access for $29.99. Barotrauma sends up to 16 players on an underwater journey beneath the surface of Jupiter’s moon Europa, where you’ll discover ... Read More

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