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Clash: Mutants VS Pirates MOBA Game Arrives Next Week

by Thelget

NewGen revealed today their upcoming third-person MOBA Clash: Mutants vs Pirates will be available for players beginning on June 12. As a free-to-play title, Clash MVP will feature 8 distinct champions for players to choose from and do battle in two different game modes, team deathmatch or the strategic Kinvader mode.

Clash: Mutants VS Pirates MOBA

Blending elements of sci-fi and fantasy, champions in Clash MVP range from gun-toting space pirates such as Nash to fantastical magic-wielding mutants like Aurealis. Whether players choose to play as a mutant or pirate, they will have three roles to choose from when selecting their champion. Clash MVP features tanks, damage dealers, and healer roles with multiple champions available to select from within each role.

Clash: Mutants VS Pirates MOBA ss1

In Clash: Mutants vs Pirates, players will be able to queue up solo, in a party, or even create a custom lobby. Whether queuing solo or with friends, players will have two game modes to choose from, deathmatch and Kinvader mode. In deathmatch, teams will go head to head in high-stakes combat where the first team to reach 40 kills will be deemed the winner. Kinvader mode will challenge teams to strategically maneuver on the battlefield. Choosing when to attack and when to defend as well as timing the capturing of control points to strategically relocate the team’s Kinvader will be paramount in achieving victory.

From now through June 12, players can get a head start on their Clash MVP collection by pre-ordering one of three bundles. Each pack will give players access to a founder’s badge, load screens, exclusive avatars, emotes, titles, and sprays as well as the in-game currency orbs. Players can also pre-purchase orb bundles that they can redeem for skins, emotes, sprays, music, titles, avatars, and more of their choice.

Clash: Mutants VS Pirates MOBA ss2

Main Features

  • Choose between 8 champions with unique abilities.
  • Unleash mighty special attacks to turn the tide of battle in your team’s favor.
  • Control minions and use them to strategically fight for your team.
  • Enhance your abilities and skills with a number of items available in each match.
  • Gain experience for your champion in each battle to level up and unlock rewards.
  • Deploy tower defenses or powerful machine guns to thwart enemy onslaught.
  • Multiple game modes to choose from including the unique Kinvader mode and team deathmatch.
  • Queue up solo, with friends, or create custom matches of 3v3, 4v4, or 5v5.

More Details

Players can wishlist Clash: Mutants vs Pirates on Steam now or pre-order their pack of choice here. Clash MVP will be arriving on PC on June 12 and will be free-to-play. For more information on Clash MVP visit the official website or join the discussion on Discord.

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