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Secret World Legends Update Roadmap

by Thelget

Secret World Legends is here and free to play! Unleashed just two weeks ago, Secret World Legends has seen a surge of new player activity in the two weeks since it launched. Now more accessible than ever and featuring revamped combat, progression, and a host of other improvements, Secret World Legends is the ultimate incarnation of Funcom’s modern day online RPG The Secret World and is an effort from the studio to put the game back on the map and give it new life that will see its epic story continued in future updates.  Today, Funcom has released Secret World Legend’s Update Roadmap, detailing just what new content is coming in the months ahead and when players can expect to get their hands on it.

Update Roadmap:


  • Continuation of the Story Mission – Return to Transylvania in this Secret Agent themed storyline. Including deep intrigue and high-speed snowmobile chases throughout the Carpathian Fangs, you will meet new characters and experience first-hand a chain of events with massive repercussions on the world.
    Secret World Legends Update Roadmap SS1

  • Special Event: The Whispering Tide – Following the recent events, the Filth is now pouring into pristine Agartha, and is threatening the world tree itself. You must find a way to turn the tide back and protect Agartha from the Filth and its guardians. Once the battle has been won you may enter Tokyo in search of answers.

  • Inner Kaidan (Tokyo) – Explore the quarantined city of Tokyo and meet brand new characters. Battle against never seen before enemies as you take on this new chapter of the main story mission.  In this huge district, plagued by ghosts, demonic Oni mercenaries, corrupted Orochi cyborgs, and hundreds of Filth infected citizens, many mysteries await.
    Secret World Legends Update Roadmap SS2

  • Lair Mega Bosses – The Lairs are challenging outdoor areas, filled with dangerous enemies, that can be found in every playfield. In there you will perform occult rituals to summon powerful bosses.
    Secret World Legends Update Roadmap
    Also with this update, you will be able to partake in the final, biggest rituals directly performed in Agartha, where you will summon massive bosses that can be defeated with up to 40 players and earn powerful Signet rewards.
  • First Raid – New York attacked by a monster of unimaginable horrors, the Unutterable Lurker. You might have already caught a glimpse of that dangerous enemy in a dream as you came to grip with your newly found power. Now is the time to fight and defeat this monster for real.Enter the Manhattan Exclusion Zone with a group of ten players and travel through the city’s devastated subway system. Make your way through office blocks as terrified citizens run for their lives, and get ready to take a stand as you face the monster in Times Square itself.
    Similarly as Elite Dungeons, Raids will come in varied difficulties and will earn you powerful rewards.
  • Out Kaidan – Venture beyond the wall and continue the main story. Take on new challenges and come face to face with John, the man that set off the device that exploded in Tokyo, unleashing the rising tide of Darkness across the world and incidentally led you to receiving your powers.
  • The Orochi Tower – Take on the massive Orochi corporation in their headquarters in Tokyo. Experience the conclusion of this massive chapter in the main story line. Reap the consequences of your choices in the main story and gain the ultimate reward!Also, two new dungeons introduced, both with a Story and an Elite mode.
And More..

The Secret World Legends update roadmap continues with seasonal events for Halloween and the winter Holidays.  Additionally 218 includes Dark Agartha, Agent System and continuation of the main story.  The complete roadmap is available here.

“This reboot is as much for the fans as it is for new players,” says Funcom CEO Rui Casais. “This is our gamble, our best bet and our best effort, at making sure the Secret World universe can live on and hopefully even become something bigger and better than it was. It is not about replacing what was there, it is about giving it another chance to succeed so that we can keep the lights burning and add new content and continue the amazing storyline the game is so acclaimed for. Still early, but we are very encouraged by the initial success of Secret World Legends these past two weeks. It has been years since we last saw a surge of player activity like this in the Secret World universe and it is a very good start leading up to Steam launch July 31st.”

All in all the reboot appears to be a success.  As I’ve run around the world I encounter other players in every corner, Agartha is busy and the Auction House is active with my items selling quickly.  In any event a great start and I sincerely hope the momentum continues through the roadmap.  If you haven’t given it a try, I highly recommend taking it for a spin!

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