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Killsquad ARPG Reaches Bestseller Title

Killsquad ARPG Reaches Bestseller

Novarama proudly announced that Killsquad ARPG reaches bestseller on Steam’s Global Top Seller list, only a day after launching…
Bloodroots PC Demo Title

Bloodroots PC Demo Available…

Paper Cult announced during the E3 2019 Kinda Funny Games Showcase the infamous speedrun friendly tradeshow Bloodroots PC demo…
World of Warships Adds Soviet Battleships Title

World of Warships Adds…

Developer released a major update 0.8.4 for its popular naval combat game World of Warships. The next instalment…
Battlerite Royale Goes Free-to-Play Big Patch

Battlerite Royale Goes Free-to-Play

Battlerite Royale, the MOBA and battle royale hybrid, moves out of Steam Early Access into its free-to-play launch at…

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