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Hunter’s Arena: Legends Launching In July

by Thelget

Independent game studio Mantisco announced Hunter’s Arena: Legends, their new MOBA-RPG hybrid, launches into Steam Early Access on Thursday, July 15th. The regular edition of the game will include 12 playable characters, 3 limited-edition cosmetic skins and 5 dance emotes. Final pricing will be announced soon.

About Hunter’s Arena: Legends

In Hunter’s Arena: Legends, players must formulate strategies while thinking on their feet in four different play modes, including Battle Royale for solo players and teams of three, 1-on-1 Tag Matches and a brand new four-player Free For All mode launching later in Early Access.

Developed using Unreal Engine 4, Hunter’s Arena: Legends represents a unique blend of elements, borrowing elements from MMO dungeons and raids, abilities and progression systems from the MOBA genre and the complex combat mechanics of fighting games. All of these aspects are combined in a massive PvE/PvP hybrid Battle Royale scenario, set in a gorgeous world of traditional eastern martial arts fantasy.

Hunter’s Arena: Legends ss1

PvE & PvP Fusion

Experience a MOBA-RPG hybrid that includes killing monsters, upgrading skills, and getting items within a quickly shrinking battlefield.

The game’s monster diversity fares against traditional single-player action games. Kill monsters and collect powerful items or fight against other players from the start to become stronger than everyone else. Choose your strategy wisely to gain the upper hand on your road to victory.

Hunter’s Arena essentially focuses on the competitive online environment, providing a gaming experience that works for both players who enjoy engaging PvP and those who prefer slightly less stress-inducing PvE.

Hunter’s Arena: Legends ss2

Hit In Asia

Hunter’s Arena: Legends has been a hit with players in Korea, Taiwan and Japan during its previous closed betas. Over 20,000 Twitch viewers have tuned in to watch the action. With this coming Early Access release, Mantisco aims to make a splash worldwide.

Testing And Early Access

Before launch, Mantisco will be holding several stress-test events to ensure server stability when the game enters Early Access. The first test will run through Friday, June 26th to Saturday, June 27th, and a second test will run through Friday, July 3rd through to Saturday, July 4th. 

Players who would like to participate in these public stress tests can sign up now for a free key at https://test.imantisco.com.

The game will be available on Steam Early Access starting July 15th for PC, check out the store page for more info.

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