Steam Halloween Sale 2017

The Steam Halloween Sale 2017 has begun!  From now until November 1st, 2017, get up to 90% off spooky titles from the Steam store.  Perfect chance to get into the holiday.. grab a deal, turn out the lights, turn up the volume and try not to scream.  If you’re looking to test the condition of your heart, take a look at our recommendations.

Steam Halloween Sale 2017 SS1

Best Deals

LIMBO is 85% off ($1.49) during the sale, or get it bundled with INSIDE for just $10.33.  Admittedly I am not normally a big fan of side scrollers or platformers, but LIMBO’s masterful use of imagery and entertaining puzzles makes this game a must have.


Steam Halloween Sale 2017 AmnesiaAmnesia Collection, both games 90% off ($3.49).  If these games aren’t already in your library, get them.  I will definitely be playing this over the weekend. I can only manage the game in short spurts because it puts me so on the edge of my seat, scaring the crap out of me at every turn.

Zombie Games

7 Days To Die, over 2.5 million copies sold on PC (digital download) this is the definitive zombie survival sandbox game.  I’ve pumped some major hours into this one together with friends.  First person combat, in depth crafting, looting, mining and plenty of exploration while be hunted by crazed zombies!  Currently 62% ($9.49) off during the Steam Halloween Sale 2017, definitely a good deal.  Bring a friend!


How To Survive 2, the zombie apocalypse survival game is 75% off ($3.74) until November 1st.  Most of my hours are in the original How To Survive game, but this sequel is just as good.  Very fun coop game to play with friends, great graphics, nice progression and interesting crafting.

Must Haves

If these horror classics are not in your collection then browse no more, grab them now during the Steam Halloween Sale 2017.

The Evil Within may not offer the “horror” you’ll find in games like Amnesia, it is still a great game. Gameplay is similar to Resident Evil, the story is great (recommend getting the DLCs) and puzzles are well done.  Great chance to play this one at 50% off with having just released the sequel, The Evil Within 2, earlier this month.


From the creators of Amnesia, SOMA is possibly one of the most underrated games. Unquestionably, a masterpiece from the beginning to the end. One of the best stories I’ve experienced in a computer game. It will definitely blow your mind and become that game you can’t stop playing until you get to the end. If I had to recommend one game to play this Halloween.. Pick up SOMA at 75% during this sale.

Trick or Treat!

Enjoy the sale until November 1st.  Be sure to comment and leave your recommended Horror Games!  I’d love to add some games to my WishList for some late night intense gaming!


Rumored to be one of the most awful gamers in the western hemisphere, Thelget continues to awe the world with his noobness. Since the invent of the home computer he has found new ways to completely suck at any game he's gotten his hands on. Seriously, this guy sucks at gaming!

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