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Orange Cast Space Action Game Demo Available

by Thelget

Valkyrie Initiative announced a free demo for their space action game Orange Cast is now available on Steam as part of the Summer Game Festival. A perfect opportunity to try out the game before the official release in July 2020!

About Orange Cast

Orange Cast – is TP Action / RPG , an atmospheric adventure in a large-scale setting where Soviet and Western science fiction are combined itself.

Visit different locations. From sandy dry planets to massive space stations. Whole galactic sectors to explore. The game has the spirit of soviet and western sci-fi novels. Orange Cast is inspired by the Mass Effect game series, “The Expanse” and “Firefly” TV series.

Orange Cast Space Action ss1

The Story

Terrible events begin to occur on the frontier of the human space. Following a prolonged fuel crisis, contact with a whole group of colonies is lost. Following this phenomenon, on different worlds within the space system, people begin to find modified soldiers who don’t possess intelligence and hate everything living.

The situation becomes even more serious when it turns out that renegades or bandit groups are not behind the attacks, but a powerful corporation with endless resources. But what are they trying to achieve?

Orange Cast Space Action ss2

Explore the Galaxy

Visit planets, discover new dimensions, survive hazard environments.

Protect Humanity

Fast-paced and rewarding combat. Face cunning enemies, defeat menacing bosses, and arm yourself with top-notch weaponry of your choice.

Enjoy the view

The beauty of Space awaits you. The beautiful and deep soundtrack, spectacular views of Cosmos, the mystery of alien planets, and the romance of space travels.

True Sci-Fi experience

Dialogs, cinematics, and the choice-driven story inspired by James S.A. Corey’s The Expanse series.

Try the Demo Now

The official release for the space action game Orange Cast is on July 23rd, 2020 for PC on Steam. Check out the store page now to download the free demo and get a peek at the game before its full release.

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