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Outta Gas RPG Leaving Early Access

by Thelget

Good Steward Games announced OUTTA GAS, a post-apocalyptic RPG, launches out of Steam Early Access on March 26th. Set in a wasteland filled with bizarre monsters and strange characters, play as “Full Metal” Jack on a quest to find gas in order to get to the Party at the End of the World.

Outta Gas RPG

In OUTTA GAS, you play as “Full Metal” Jack on an epic quest to find gas in a post-apocalyptic wasteland RPG. Travel across four unique acts and blast your way through a bizarre cast of monsters to achieve your goal and get back on the road. Will you make it to the Party at the End of the World on time?

Outta Gas RPG ss1


  • Unique shooting gallery combat lets you destroy body tiles to damage monster health and decrease their combat stats. Go for the eyes to reduce their aim, take out legs to make them easier to hit, or blast away claws and teeth to decrease their power – it’s all up to you! Decimate your enemies bit by bit!
  • Over 25 weapons add spice to your savagery. Slash, shred, explode, burn, radiate, or inflict pain on your enemies in many other ways!
  • Over 200 weapon upgrades to increase your deadliness and overall badassery.
  • Over 70 unique monsters to strategically disassemble, any way you like. Master your enemy’s anatomy, uncover their weaknesses, and use the perfect weapon to destroy them in style!
  • Over 50 utility items to fine tune your death-dealing experience. It’s after the apocalypse – do things YOUR way!
  • Over 50 character upgrades to unlock new abilities on your way to becoming the ultimate wasteland warrior!
Outta Gas RPG ss2

With humor influenced by Fallout and exploration inspired by classic Zelda games, the heart of the game’s innovation lies in its shooting gallery combat system. Players use an array of distinctive weapon attack patterns to destroy monster body tiles. Going for the eyes reduces aim, taking out legs makes them easier to hit, and blasting away claws and teeth decreases the damage they inflict.

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To learn more about the post-apocalyptic RPG Outta Gas, visit the official website or Steam store page. Also, check out the gameplay on their Twitch channel and follow the game on Twitter.

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