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H1Z1: King of the Kill Gets A Big Update

by Thelget

Good news for all you H1Z1: King of the Kill players, DayBreak just brought you some love in their latest update. Plenty of changes and new content, including three new landmarks which will be added to the world map. Each Landmark is built to suit a certain play style such as close-quarters combat, fortress-style gameplay and enhanced tactical opportunities.

Check out the Developer’s Video:

They’re Back…

Skirmishes!  Remember, those special weekend matches with rotating rule sets like limited weapon types, safe zones and much more. Skirmishes will add more variety to the action, beginning with this update’s rule set “Shotties & Snipers” in which players may only use shotguns and hunting rifles.

H1Z1: King of the Kill Skirmishes
Other changes also include better hit registration, which will result in greater consistency with player movement, positioning and firing. Furthermore the shotgun has been revamped and will now connect more consistently with targets. It will now be possible to fire weapons regardless of proximity to an object.

But Wait, There’s More!

Navigating inventory ticking you off? The inventory screen and crafting system have just been simplified, resulting in a more accessible and user-friendly experience. The crate screen has also been reworked providing a more streamlined menu, where players can view all of their crates in one place.

H1Z1: King of the Kill InventoryFrustrated?

This list of fixes for a number of annoyances should calm ya’ down a bit:

  • Lag compensation has been optimized to provide more accurate player movement positioning.  This system works best when the players are playing in low ping environments.
  • Projectile tracking fidelity has been increased to ensure the hits are registered more quickly and consistently.
  • We no longer block you from firing if you are up against and object.  Previously, if your character was right up against the collision surface of an object, the system would prevent you from firing entirely.  Now, the blocked reticle and gun animation have been removed and you’ll be allowed to fire – though the shot will still strike the blocking object.  This is meant to alleviate the distraction of having your gun go in and out of the blocked state as you go in and out of cover.
  • Line of sight checks should be more forgiving to reduce frustrating moments where it appears you should be able to shoot a target but can’t.  It’s still tuned to ensure that one player should never be able to shoot at another player cannot see or shoot back at them.
  • Pointblank shots in first person should be much more consistent.

H1Z1: King of the Kill Sniper

The list of bug fixes and changes is pretty long, you can get the full details on H1Z1’s website.  Although I am still one of the few players that enjoy H1Z1 : Just Survive, it is nice to see this update for H1Z1: King of the Kill players.  We will see how much of this update I can experience before I get ass raped by all you yungin’s on the battlefield.  Friendly Bro!


H1Z1: King of the Kill is currently available on Windows PC through Steam Early Access. More information can be found at www.h1z1.com/kotk , as well as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Twitch.


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