Game Updates

Otherland: Next Title

Otherland: Next Fire Isle Expansion Released

DRAGO entertainment, developer of the OTHERLAND MMO, introduced OTHERLAND: Next with their big Fire Isle expansion. Players can expect to have a completely new OTHERLAND experience with 90 new quests, legendary weapons and the new social class available now, as well as an upcoming overhaul ... Read More
SCUM Wild Hunter Update Title

SCUM Wild Hunter Update Hits

SCUM’s Wild Hunter update introduces an intense series of new features catering to the prisoners’ most primal urges. The update is highlighted with the introduction of basic bow and arrow skills for both hunting wild game and combat against puppets and other prisoners. Prisoners can ... Read More
Conan Exiles Free Pets Title

Conan Exiles Gets Massive Free Update

Conan Exiles’ Massive free update introduces pets and taming, the epic Midnight Grove dungeon, and a new religion that allows player to summon the flying avatar of Jhebbal Sag. Conan Exiles Free Pets Five months after the successful release on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation ... Read More

Fhtagn! Dark Young Expansion Launches For Halloween

With the Halloween season in full swing, celebrate the most frightful of holidays with an indie game that will both chill and tickle your funny bone! On 22 October 2018, Design Imps will be launching a new expansion (the Dark Young) for their game Fhtagn! ... Read More
Surviving Mars Free Updates Title

Surviving Mars Getting Free Updates

Paradox Interactive announced two new Surviving Mars free updates, the survival management game from Haemimont Games. “Da Vinci,” or Creative Mode, will allow players to take more creative liberties with their Martian colonies and will launch today for PC and consoles shortly after. This update ... Read More

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