SteamCity Chronicles: Rise Rose Title

SteamCity Chronicles: Rise Of The Rose Coming Q4

Indie game developer and publisher Feelthere announced Q4 2019 as the official release date of SteamCity Chronicles: Rise Of The Rose – a unique turn-based strategy game set in a SteamPunk environment, and heavily influenced by Japanese culture. SteamCity Chronicles: Rise Of The Rose SteamCity ... Read More
Smart City Plan Release Title

Smart City Plan Release In Early 2020

Ambiera, an independent software and game development company based in Austria, announced their next upcoming game Smart City Plan set to release in early 2020. In addition, they released the first screenshots and gameplay footage to give gamers the first look at the future game. ... Read More
Fantasy General II Invasion Title

Fantasy General II – Invasion Released

Back in the 80s Strategic Simulations Inc began developing strategy games for the computer, very similar to the Avalon Hill board games that were popular for strategy gamers at the time. SSI quickly grew and expanded their line of strategy games and genres, one of ... Read More
Oriental Empires: Three Kingdoms DLC Title

Oriental Empires: Three Kingdoms DLC Out Now

Publisher Iceberg Interactive and Shining Pixel Studios add a new expansion to the Oriental Empires series with “Oriental Empires: Three Kingdoms” DLC, available on Steam and GOG store today, 29th August for $9.99. About Oriental Empires: Three Kingdoms The Three Kingdoms period was one of ... Read More

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