Starship Troopers Terran Command Title

Starship Troopers – Terran Command RTS Coming 2020

Slitherine LTD, leading publisher of digital wargames and strategy games, in collaboration with Sony Pictures Consumer Products, announced “Starship Troopers – Terran Command,” a real-time strategy (RTS) game based on TriStar Pictures’s iconic 1997 movie to be released for PC in 2020. About Starship Troopers ... Read More
Star Dynasties Strategy Game Title

Star Dynasties Strategy Game Announced

Publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer Pawley Games are excited to announce their collaboration on upcoming strategy game Star Dynasties. Channel your inner Lannister and rule over your scattered space empire while trying to balance family dramas, political intrigue and military conflict. About Star Dynasties Star ... Read More
Mad Games Tycoon Released Title

Mad Games Tycoon Released

Publisher Toplitz Productions released their game studio simulation Mad Games Tycoon today for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. The game challenges you to build your own game company and dominate the industry. About Mad Games Tycoon Mad Games Tycoon asks players to ... Read More
Imperiums Greek Wars game title

Imperiums: Greek Wars Strategy Game

Kube Games, an indie game development studio based out in the Czech Republic, announced their game Imperiums: Greek Wars will release in early 2020. A historical 4x turn-based strategy game set in ancient Greece and covering the era of Philip II of Macedon, but Kube ... Read More
Interrogation: You will be deceived Title

Interrogation: You will be Deceived Noir Thriller

Publisher Mixtvision has partnered with Critique Gaming to bring the award-winning Interrogation: You will be deceived to PC, Mac and Linux on December 5th 2019. As a police detective tasked with bringing down a dangerous terrorist group, you fight on two fronts: interrogating suspects & ... Read More

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