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The Ambassadors: Fractured Timelines Retro Shooter

by Thelget

TinyDino Games and The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild released The Ambassadors: Fractured Timelines today! It’s available now for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Steam for $14.99 with a special 20% launch discount across all platforms. This twin-stick fantasy shooter has a nonlinear progression style, fully unique soundtrack, and retro pixel graphics all providing a familiar but enticing gameplay experience.

About The Ambassadors: Fractured Timelines

The Ambassador: Fractured Timelines has you play as Gregor, a newly inducted member of the Eternal Fellowship. Alongside Cait, an Ambassador of Time, you train with magical weapons to face an unknown threat. Suddenly, Tamaris is attacked! Cait is wounded, and you must venture forth alone. Discover and utilize magical weapons and armor to discover what happened to the Eternal Fellowship and restore your home to its former glory.

Ambassadors Fractured Timelines ss1


  • Fast paced, strategic combat designed to stretch your time-stopping abilities.
  • A vast world composed of fortresses, tall mountains, dense forests, and the smoldering remains of Tamaris.
  • An action-packed campaign spanning five unique environments, two timelines, and 55 levels.
  • An armory of weapons, magic trinkets, and armor, all more unique than the last.
  • 20 hidden journals containing the history of the realm.
  • Tough as nails Horde Mode after completion of the campaign
  • Multiple difficulty settings ranging from easy and accessible to head-smashing-into-desk mode!

“We like to think of it as a mashup of all the indie games we enjoyed while learning how to make games ourselves. Because of this, you will notice elements of Braid, Crawl, The Binding of Isaac, and Nuclear Throne all tossed together into a new and shiny twin-stick shooter.”

tinyDino Games
Ambassadors Fractured Timelines ss2

Awards & Recognition

  • “Best Action” – Dreamhack, Austin, 2018
  • “Best Action Adventure” – Dreamhack, Dallas, 2019
  • “Gamer’s Voice Nominee” – SXSW, Austin, 2020
  • “Finalist” – INDIE X, Portugal, 2020

More Info

Check out The Ambassadors: Fractured Timelines game out now on Steam. Learn more about the game by visiting their official website. Stay up-to-date with the game’s latest and news by following on Twitter and Facebook.

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