Dwarrows Adventure Game Title

Dwarrows Adventure Builder Game

Lithic Entertainment have officially announced the release date for their peaceful adventure and town-building game, Dwarrows. The game will be available on PC/Mac/Linux February 28th, 2020 on Steam. Additionally, a version for Xbox One is in the works, launch date TBA. About Dwarrows Dwarrows, set ... Read More
Orion13 VR Game Title

Orion13 VR Game First Look

Metro VR Studios (MVRS), an independent virtual reality (VR) video game development company, has unveiled the first trailer for its inaugural game Orion13, a first-person, hack-and-slash VR adventure. Marking the first installment of an action-packed trilogy, Orion13 releases on Feb. 13, 2020, through the Oculus ... Read More
Dinosaur Fossil Hunter Title

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter, Explore The Possibilities

Pyramid Games has announced the ultimate paleontologic experience in Dinosaur Fossil Hunter. Pyramid is all about science and exploring new possibilities for mankind. And what can be more exciting for people striving for knowledge than researching creatures that were inhabiting our planet millions of years ... Read More
Nine Chronicles RPG Alpha Title

Nine Chronicles RPG Launches Free Alpha

Developers Planetarium announced the release of a free public alpha for their ambitious RPG, Nine Chronicles. The RPG is a vast adventure set in a fantasy world governed by its players. View the teaser trailer below that introduces players to the radical ideas and unprecedented freedom that will ... Read More
Sail Forth Game Title

Hit the Seas in Sail Forth Game

Publisher The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild and developer David Evans announced the procedural sailing adventure game “Sail Forth“, splashing onto Switch and PC in 2020. About Sail Forth Sail Forth is a procedural sailing adventure about classic naval action and exploring beautiful scenery. Embark on a ... Read More

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