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Astellia MMO Release Details

by Thelget

Astellia MMO from Barunson E&A is scheduled to release on September 27, 2019! Those who preordered Astellia have access to the headstart event that begins as early as September 20th. Players with eligible packages can reserve their character names and pre-download the game client starting September 12th.

Astellia MMO Release Subscription Option

For players who may be on the fence, or feel that committing to the full price of a game package is just too much but still want a chance to check out Astellia. Barunson E&A have implemented a new payment option in the form of a game subscription, to lower the entry barrier to Astellia. $9.99 per month grants access to a full game account that may be upgraded to a full permanent game package if players find they enjoy Astellia. Check the official website for additional details regarding this option.

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About Astellia

Astellia Online is a Classical MMORPG striving to return the genre to its roots. That is not to say it is a remake of what has been done before, but instead, a tribute to the original tenants of the MMORPG Phenomena combined with innovation and promise.

Set in a vibrant fantasy world, Astellians are heroes blessed by the stars to call upon magical allies known as Astells. Each Astellian is charged with protecting the innocents of the world, a task that will take them through the darkest dungeons and across countless battlefields. Take up the Hero’s Mantle and let your grand adventure begin; Astellia boasts a wide variety of unique and diverse dungeons, both for the solo player as well as parties, that reward those adventurers based on how well they perform.

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What better way to test your hard-earned dungeoneering rewards than to take them to the arena? Arenas in Astellia offer both cooperative and competitive styles; whether you want to team up with your friends to fight hordes of monsters or go toe to toe against your fellow Astellians, the Coliseum will always provide for your competitive needs.

More features and events coming

Players can also look forward to a robust schedule of events and feature additions in the months following launch. These include class evolutions, the first tier of Legendary Dungeons opening, holiday events, a new Astel, and much, much more!

More Information

To learn more about the Astellia MMO release or to take a look at game play footage, check out the official website or YouTube channel.

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