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Women in Games Partners With Hangar 13

Women in Games announced a partnership with 2K Games in an effort to encourage career opportunities for women in the games industry, and foster diverse and inclusive hiring efforts across the publisher and its development studios. Starting at the European Women in Games Conference at ... Read More
cloud-based gaming

Cloud-Based Gaming Coming To Mobiles

Qualcomm Datacenter Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM), and Hatch Entertainment, a new subscription games-on-demand service for mobile gaming, today announced they will collaborate on delivering next-generation cloud-based gaming experiences on servers based on the Qualcomm Centriq™ 2400 – the world’s first ... Read More

Digital Underground Attending Pax South 2018

PAX South, the three-day game mega-festival for PC gamers,  console and handheld enthusiasts and old school tabletop gamers, is happening January 12th – 14th in San Antonio, Texas. The best part? Digital Underground Attending Pax South 2018!! Joined by fellow Twitch streamers, game bloggers, YouTubers and ... Read More
Steam Winter Sale 2018

Steam Holiday Grab – 2015

The New Year is here, the beginning of 2016 and its time to look back on the big holiday sale of 2015 and our big haul.  Unlike previous Steam holiday sales, this year’s sale was missing a key feature – Flash Sales.  Those brief huge ... Read More


Judging by my post count since December, I guess it is fair to say I have been in a state of hibernation.  Winter gets more difficult every year as I’ve grown so tired of the cold, constant grey skies and excessive use of road salt ... Read More

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