Digital Underground Attending Pax South 2018

PAX South, the three-day game mega-festival for PC gamers,  console and handheld enthusiasts and old school tabletop gamers, is happening January 12th – 14th in San Antonio, Texas. The best part? Digital Underground Attending Pax South 2018!!

Digital Underground Attending Pax South 2018 ss1

Joined by fellow Twitch streamers, game bloggers, YouTubers and gaming enthusiasts, look forward to a stream of videos and photos from our YouTube and Instagram feeds. While it promises to be a very hectic and long few days, we will do our best to provide a steady flow of content.

About Pax South*

PAX was first held in 2004 and stands for “Penny Arcade Expo”. Devoted to game-culture the event features gaming inspired concerts, expert panels on gaming topics, exhibitor booths from video game and tabletop game developers and publishers.  PAX also features a huge pc LAN party with gaming tournaments, and video game freeplay areas. Every PAX also features the Omegathon, a festival-long tournament consisting of a group of randomly selected attendees competing for a grand prize. The final round of the Omegathon makes up part of the closing ceremonies of PAX. In 2018 they’ve also included a handheld area, a console freeplay area, VR Arena and PAX pin trading.

See You There!

If you’re attending, we’d love to say “Hi”, feel free to reach out via Twitter to get our current local!  Stay safe, have fun and don’t forget your hand sanitizer (Con Crud is real!)

*Portions of PAX South details were sourced from the event’s Wikipedia page.

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