Virtual Battlegrounds VR Battle Royale

Virtual Battlegrounds is the ultimate battle royale being built from the ground up for virtual reality.  Battle to become the last man standing on this apocalyptic war-crazed island through tactical gun-play, an epic map, and physical based controls for skydiving, climbing, shooting, ziplining, and driving.

Virtual Battlegrounds VR Battle Royale Launch Trailer

Creating Something Different

With Virtual Battlegrounds I really wanted to create something different.  I’ve spent a long time watching the VR games market grow and honestly I’ve wanted more out of the games that have become front runners in the market. They’ve been mostly smaller confined experiences like wave shooters and rhythm games. While they do execute something simple well, they don’t provide the experience that for myself VR is all about. I want to lose myself entirely to a new world. That’s what Virtual Battlegrounds aims to do. Our goal from the start has been to create the ultimate experience in this genre. Compete in a large 2 square kilometer map with a host of physical locomotion options. Squad up, play against other players or bots. Drive around with vehicles or swim, jump, and zipline to your destination.

Sean Pinnock, Creative Director

Virtual Battlegrounds VR Battle Royale Features

Gunplay: With the assist of military personnel we’ve built a realistic gunplay system.

  • Lots of guns – Sniper Rifles, SMG’s, Assault Rifles, Pistols, Heavy Weapons
  • Attachment System – Scopes, silencers, laser points, sight modification
Virtual Battlegrounds VR Battle Royale ss1

Physical Locomotion: Use your arms, legs, and body to move.

  • Skydive – Use your arms and head to navigate.
  • Zipline – Use your hands to attach onto the ziplines to traverse the entire island.
  • Climb – Climb anything using your hands and body.
  • Swim – Float in the water and swim anywhere with arm movement.
  • Sprint – Swing your arms to sprint.
  • Jump – Jump in real life to jump. (We did add in a jump button)
  • Crouch / Prone – Move your body to get into different physical positions. (Button for that too)
  • Drive – Additional vehicles for traversal.
  • Slide – Sprint and stop to slide.
Virtual Battlegrounds VR Battle Royale ss2

Epic Map: Explore a large and fleshed out two square KM island.

  • Churchtown – A refugee camp built over a church in the mountain.
  • Ostenbirk – A resort town built on top of the water and on the beach.
  • Maetland – A once peaceful town that has become war torn and desecrated.
  • Crash Site – The site of a large 747 plane crash and slum town.
  • Zipline Tower / Road Network – A deeply interconnected network of locations that puts the world together.

Additional Features

  • Spatial Voice chat.
  • Immersive full body IK System.
  • Hub Area with Twitch Stream, shooting range and jukebox.
  • Basketball.
  • Hand angle calibration tool.
  • Realistic vehicle controls.
  • Squad and Solo modes.
  • Slap people to death.

More Information

Virtual Battlegrounds VR releases March 15th on PC. Get the latest information or wishlist the game via the Steam store page. Additionally, join the Discord channel for Virtual Battlegrounds.

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