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Truck Driver Gameplay Title

Truck Driver Gameplay Reveal

SOEDESCO has revealed the first gameplay trailer for Truck Driver, the trucking experience that’s on its way to PC, PlayStation®4 and PS4 Pro, as well as the family of Xbox One devices including Xbox One X. In this trailer, players can get a first glance at the different features that Truck Driver has to offer. Two important aspects highlighted are the variation of clients and cargo in Truck Driver, and the focus on career progress in the game. About…
Mutant Year Zero Out Today Title

Mutant Year Zero Out Today On PC

Publisher Funcom and the developers at The Bearded Ladies released Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden today onto PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game is also available to all Xbox Game Pass subscribers now. Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is a tactical adventure game featuring a cast of unlikely, anthropomorphic characters such as Bormin and Dux, the badass boar and waterfowl that have become synonymous with the game. About Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden Mutant…
Professional Fishing Free Title

Professional Fishing Free On PC

Play a new fishing simulator from MasterCode, Dueking and Ultimate Games S.A – Professional Fishing free on PC starting November 30th, 2018. Professional Fishing is a multiplayer focused game, available in the free-to-play model (F2P) and offers the highest quality in its category. Professional Fishing – a new quality in F2P fishing games The game was created as a multiplayer game. The creators prepared many possibilities, including, for example, the creation of fishing clubs, tournaments and fishing duels as…
Dual Universe MMO Title

Dual Universe MMO Releases Alpha Build

Novaquark, the French studio behind the hugely ambitious PC MMORPG  Dual Universe has entered its Alpha Stage. This marks the civilization building MMO’s biggest development milestone since its Kickstarter in 2016, offering a truly massive content update. About Dual Universe Dual Universe is a continuous, single-shard sandbox MMORPG, which takes place in vast, fully editable sci-fi universe. It focuses on emergent gameplay with player-driven economy, politics, trade and warfare. This significant milestone at Alpha welcomes a plethora of fundamental…

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