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Next Day: Survival Full Release

Next Day: Survival Review

Cresting the hilltop you un-sling your Kalashnikov rifle and crouch behind a fallen pine, surveying the open prairie ahead.  A battered two lane road divides the landscape, a flame scarred Katyusha rocket truck sits as a remnant of the country’s Soviet past. In the distance you spot a deadly cloud of green gas, the benefactor to this land, slowly rolling in your direction.  Cupping your hands to your mouth, a moment to blow warm air into your freezing hands…
Bundle Stars Summer Sale Title

Bundle Stars Summer Sale Starts Today!

Popular online game retailer Bundle Stars ( ) has ​launched its biggest ever Bundle Stars Summer Sale, with hundreds of Steam deals and a massive free-to-enter giveaway. ​Up to 90% has been slashed off Steam games at Bundle Stars, with new deals added daily. From AAA games to indie gems, there are savings galore. Plus an extra 10% can be saved by using the discount voucher code SUMMER10. To celebrate the Summer Sale, g​amers have the chance to win…
SGW Titans Return DLC Title

Starpoint Gemini Warlords: Titans Return DLC Released

Developer Little Green Men Games have announced the release of Titans Return DLC, the biggest expansion to Starpoint Gemini Warlords yet. Titans Return features new ships and storyline missions. It is available through Steam and GOG with an SRP of $6.99. In addition, Starpoint Gemini Warlords will be 35% off today as part of the Steam Daily Deal. Titans once ruled Gemini and they return to conquer once again with their new titan-size ships in tow. Gemini has been…
Deadhold Title

Deadhold Now On Steam Early Access

Dark Quarry Games has announced the studio’s first title Deadhold is now available on Steam Early Access for PC/Mac for $19.99. Deadhold is a gore infused, fast-action, tactical RTS. With support for up to four co-op players, the gritty dark fantasy world of Deadhold comes to life through its story driven campaign. In multiplayer, Deadhold supports up to eight players in teams or four players in free for all as well as a variety of game modes. Early Access…

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