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Ostranauts Spaceship-Life Sim Title

Ostranauts Spaceship-Life Sim Announced – Late 2019

Blue Bottle Games announced Ostranauts spaceship-life survival sim with an anticipated late 2019 release on Steam. Eight years ago, developer Daniel Fedor, whom worked at BioWare for 7 years on AAA rpgs, began work on NEO Scavenger. Five years of updates and ports, but ultimately Daniel decided it was time to begin working on a new game. What started as simply a “space prototype,” has turned into so much more. About Ostranauts Ostranauts is a detailed simulation of owning…

Upcoming Twitch Streams

I’ve been going between different games, mostly MMOs lately but next week I’m looking to go back to some games I haven’t played in awhile as well as a few new ones that have been sitting in my Steam library too long.  So this week, in no particular order, I’ll be streaming: Dishonored Outlast Archeage (Yes, an MMO but I’m still leveling up to 50) TitanFall BioShock Inifinite No new games as you can see, these are games I’ve…

Dragon Age

I was watching some streams today which led me to look at some future releases, realizing I haven’t really jumped on something right as it launched (except MMOs).  I really like the looks of Dragon Age Inquisition and I already own Dragon Age – Origins (Ultimate Ed) and Dragon Age II, so why not?  So I’ve gone ahead and pre-ordered Inquisition and I’m planing to stream my gameplay for Origins, Dragon Age II (if I make it that far…

Extra-Life 2014

I am going to attempt 24 hours of gaming on October 25th, starting at 8am in order to raise money for Extra-Life and St. John’s Hospital.  I have a very simple goal of $100, so if you’re able to give, that would be great.  Come, check me out on October 25th @ Twitch.Tv/Thelget, where I will be streaming my game play and accepting donations. Hope to see you there!

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