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Iratus: Lord of the Dead Kickstarter Campaign

by Thelget

Unfrozen Studios has released a new trailer for their strategic roguelike game Iratus: Lord of the Dead. The trailer reveals the backstory to its main character, Iratus. Iratus is a Necromancer that has been released from his eternal prison. He dreams only of the world’s destruction and he’s driven by an unquenchable thirst for the peace than nothingness will bring.In addition, Unfrozen also announced the Iratus: Lord of the Dead Kickstarter Campaign which goes live May 2nd.

Iratus: Lord of the Dead Kickstarter Campaign

The goal of the Kickstarter campaign is to fund the further polishing of an already fantastic-looking game, as well as fund the development of new features and additions. The core game has already been fully funded by Unfrozen themselves which allows the funds raised by the Kickstarter to solely go to extra polish and content.

Weyte Narration

Unfrozen has announced that bringing to “life” the dark wizard Iratus, is none other than voice actor S. Weyte whose work includes titles such as Blood, Mario Party 8, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, and Metroid: Other M. Weyte will be acting as the main narrator for the entire game from Iratus’ perspective, expect plenty of dark humor and sadistic delight.

Iratus: Lord of the Dead Kickstarter ss1

About Iratus: Lord of the Dead

The game is a turn-based, dungeon-crawler, with RPG elements. In it, players will personify Iratus: Lord of the Dead, as the commander of an undead army. Players will have to fight hordes of opposition and collect the body parts they leave behind after they are massacred. Then, players can build more denizens of evil to continue Iratus’ quest for total world annihilation.

Only the bravest will take on the hardcore RPG. With scaling difficulty level, tons of mob variations, and deep tactical elements; Iratus: Lord of the Dead isn’t for the faint of heart. Players can expect their path to be a frivolous one, littered with disdain and despair. With the mechanics and difficulty aimed at to provide a challenging journey, players should be prepared for plenty of wipes, both in game and for the real-life tears.

Iratus: Lord of the Dead Kickstarter ss2


  • Develop and improve your belowground lair with necromantic powers.
  • Craft undead minions with the body parts of dead enemies.
  • Advanced fighting system: Know your enemies’ strong points and weak spots to achieve victory.
  • Turn-based battle system with up to 50 original minion’s talents.
  • Intelligent enemy AI, challenging even experienced RPG-strategists.
  • Three types of necromancer talents for gameplay: alchemy, magic talents, or tactical skills.
  • Raid into enemy territory full of danger and surprises.
  • Irreversible consequences. Classic roguelike features including character permadeath.
  • Detailed stylized 2D graphics in the spirit of dark fantasy.
  • Detailed skeletal animation made with Spine.
  • Designed by Oles Ivanchenko: Well-known videoblogger, RPG mechanics specialist, and the author of one of the most influential manuals for Darkest Dungeons.

More Information

Iratus: Lord of the Dead will be available on Steam early access in late May and players can wishlist the game and head on over to the official website for more information.

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