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Zombie Overload

by Thelget

Alright, I want to play something new and current for a return to Twitch since I’ve not been active for a couple months (surgery, etc).  So I’ve been looking through what is out, newly released and what people are playing on Twitch right now to see what looks fun for both play and observer.  I sure see large audience for zombie games; DayZ, H1Z1, Dying Light, Left 4 Dead, etc.  The only one of these I own is Left 4 Dead 2 and similar to DayZ – Arma III with the Epoch or Breaking Point mod.

I have had my eye on Dying Light but after doing a closer look at reviews and game play I’m not really sure it is something I’d like or would hold my interest very long.  DayZ looks pretty good but it is essentially what I have already (Arma III with Epoch) and I don’t see a reason for me to invest in a game engine I already have.  I have faith in the Epoch mod people that they will eventually get it to be just as good or better than DayZ.

H1Z1 is getting my attention and looks, in my opinion, to be the leader of the pack.  The problem I have with it and the reason it isn’t already in my library, $20 for what is eventually going to be a free-to-play game.  I also have a friend that bought the game and I’ve noticed that after having it already a month he has only logged .6hrs of game play.  Not a good sign for someone I know is a zombie game lover.  I’m waiting to chat him up as to why he hasn’t put more time into it.

The reason I’m talking zombie games is that there really aren’t many other current releases that look fun to me.  Evolve looks pretty one dimensional and something I’d drop quicker than I could buy it but seems pretty popular.  I don’t think Total War – Attila would be entertaining for the viewer, perhaps I’m wrong.  Thus, I’m pondering picking up H1Z1 to spark my return to Twitch and begin streaming as early as tonight.

I’ll give it some more thought and hopefully my friend will chime in before I decide later this evening.  I could always go through my library and play Arma, Divinity, Dragon Age or one of my older games but feel I’ve been down that road before and it wouldn’t be as appealing as something fresh.

Decisions, decisions….


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