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Winter War Historic Strategy Game Enters Early Access

by Thelget

Indie developer and publisher Avalon Digital released SGS: Winter War, its new historical strategy game, based on a brand new fast-paced, card-driven game engine. The game is available now in Early Access for PC on Steam.

Winter War Strategy Game

SGS: Winter War is a brand new strategy game focusing on the conflict between the USSR and Finland in 1939. In SGS: Winter War, players must play either the USSR trying to achieve their goals in the Finnish peninsula or the Fins, defending their territory against the soviet expansion during a long winter where the temperature ranged as low as -43oc (-43oF).

The game lasts 16 turns, each representing one week between December 1939 and March 1940. One player represents the tiny Republic of Finland, the other has the Soviet Union land and air forces.

The Soviets have numerous but poorly led and badly organized forces at the start of the game, but their reinforcements are impressive.

Winter War Strategy Game ss1

The Finnish must hold desperately against the initial onslaught and vastly superior strength of their enemy, thanks to their superior quality and ideal defensive positions, hoping to gain enough time when threats of Allied Intervention discourages the Russian bear.

Be careful however of the potential weakness in number on the Finns side, as well as the uncertainty of Stalin’s resolve on the other…

The game’s event cards allow full replay ability thanks to the numerous various situations that they create on the diplomatic, military, political or economical fields.

Winter War Strategy Game ss2


  • A Card-driven game in a beautiful strategy landscape featuring brand new maps effects
  • An in-depth experience of a fascinating and not well-known conflict at the outset of WWII
  • Mobilize the asymmetric resources of both armies and the peculiarities of the terrain during a tough winter to achieve your goals

Avalon Digital is an independent video game publisher and developer based in Grenoble, founded by veteran game designer Philippe Thibaut, the designer of games such as Europa Universalis, Birth of America, Pax Romana or Rise of Prussia.

More Information

The Winter War strategy game is available now in Steam Early Access for $14.99 for PC. Also, you can learn more about the game on the official website for Avalon Digital. To get the latest news and information, follow Avalon Digital on Facebook.

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