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Twitch Return

by Thelget

In the last week I have put in quite a number of hours of game play on my Twitch stream thanks to a growing love for H1Z1, a game I picked up on Steam.  I guess you can already conclude that from my previous posts but you may not have known that I’ve been streaming 90% of my game time (I don’t stream my pve time).

Initially I played on a PVE server so I could get used to the game and find my place in the world before moving on to the more popular PVP servers.  My first serious run with a character ended when the developers pushed a new patch that resulted in game-wide server wipes, BOO! 🙂  I had managed to build a pretty decent base and was gathering a cache of weapons and supplies, so it was a bit frustrating, however this is an Alpha release.

Since the server wipe, while I have started to rebuild with a new character, I’ve also started participating more and more in Battle Royale.  If you don’t know what Battle Royale is, it is a Japanese movie about a bunch of kids being forced onto an island where they must fight amongst each other until only one survives.  In H1Z1, you are air dropped onto the map where you need to quickly find weapons and ammo, hopefully before you run into other players toting shotguns or automatic rifles.  If that isn’t enough, the map slowly shrinks as toxic gas spreads across the land, forcing surviving players to a tighter and tighter area of real estate.  I wasn’t a big fan of it at first but as I’m getting better my addiction is spreading through my veins.


I still need to get better at maintaining a regular stream schedule but with 30 hours worth of streamed gameplay in the last week, you’ll definitely have plenty of chances to find me “LIVE”.  I typically stream in the evenings after 7pm on weekdays and about 8+ hours on the weekends, usually well into the late night hours.  If you want to get notified when I go live follow me on Twitter or my channel on Twitch.  I’m always looking for people to play with, so feel free to stop by and say “Hi!”.


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