The Sojourn Puzzle Game Available Today

Developer Shifting Tides and publisher Iceberg Interactive announced The Sojourn puzzle game has launched today on Xbox One, PS4, and the Epic Games Store! This rich world full of challenging puzzles is available now for $24.99 (€21.99 Euro). Take a break and weave between light and dark parallel worlds in this calm, colour-drenched game.

About The Sojourn

Played in the first-person, this thought-provoking, the philosophical title provides a refreshing, unique take on the puzzle genre. In The Sojourn, you arrive in a mysterious land, where enchanting lights guide you forward. Soon, the world reveals itself to be full of dichotomous challenges. It is up to you to overcome these intricate and ever more demanding obstacles in order to uncover the true nature of reality.

The Sojourn Puzzle Game ss1


  • Dozens-upon-dozens of challenging puzzles
  • Beautiful, ethereal world to explore: four hand-crafted chapters, each with distinct styles and atmospheres. 
  • Unravel a captivating tale of light, darkness, and the nature of reality
  • 10+ hours of gameplay. 
  • Evolving and rich first-person puzzle mechanics.
  • Philosophical, thoughtful narrative.
  • Immersive audio experience.
The Sojourn Puzzle Game ss2

Available Now

The Sojourn is now available on Xbox One, PS4, and the Epic Games Store on Windows PC! Learn more by visiting the official website for The Sojourn puzzle game. In addition, follow the game on Twitter and Facebook or join their channel on Discord.

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