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The Division, Farce or Fun?

by Thelget

The Division was one of my most anticipated games and the game play surely didn’t disappoint me,  unfortunately, and that should probably be written in bold, it has been plagued with cheaters, exploitation and bugs.  I’m also a bit disappointed in the lack of PVE content at the end game or should I say the lack of free-roam PVE?  I didn’t anticipate the Dark Zone turning into what it has, with cheaters and a major discrepancy in gear levels allowing for some less than tactical play (to put it nicely).  I think Gaming Parody did a perfect parody to poke fun at my frustrations, see the video below 🙂

I know I am not an elite player, hell I’m a noob for sure, but I should be able to at least be able to offer some return fire against rogues.  My experience with friends thus far has been anything but a fire fight, more of one shot one kill for enemy rogues.  I can’t get my friends to play anymore and I’m not finding too much to do without repeating things ad nauseam.

I still love the game at its core and have faith the devs are working hard (as their posts suggest) to correct things and hopefully level the playing field.  I just hope its enough to get my friends back and to bring some value to my season pass.

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