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The Dark Eye: Book Of Heroes Multiplayer RPG

by Thelget

Wild River Games, German publisher of console hit Windstorm, in close collaboration with developer Random Potion and rights owner Ulisses Spiele, will be bringing Germany’s number one tabletop role-playing game world The Dark Eye to PC with The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes, this summer.

About The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes

The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes hearkens back to the glory days of computer role-playing games like Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights with its party-based, cooperative gameplay and a beautiful and extensive world showcased in a classic isometric view. Continuing in this tradition, Book of Heroes features a deep and robust character creation system all wrapped up in a setting based on Germany’s best-selling tabletop RPG world that goes back to 1984.

Dark Eye Book Heroes ss1

“We couldn’t be more excited to bring this beloved tabletop franchise to the digital world”

Marc Wardenga, CEO of Wild River

Based in the popular The Dark Eye universe, the pc game sends players on an exciting journey through the lands of Aventuria to hack, slash, sneak, steal, and connive their way through an expansive role-playing experience. The game features an immersive and robust character creation system that will allow players to combine an enormous variety of traits and skills to ensure a true tabletop-inspired experience. Multiple fantasy racial backgrounds, professions, and skills help layers create incredibly well-rounded adventurers!

Dark Eye Book Heroes ss2

Game Features

  • Extensive Character Creation: Choose from 12 different professions and four classic species with customizable appearances and unique quests, tasks, and agendas
  • Party up, adventurers!: Play with up to four friends online or on the couch, or hack (and slash) it solo-style with virtual friends by hiring NPC companions at The Inn of the Wild Boar
  • It’s a Beautiful World: Delve dank dungeons or take the (not so easy) route above ground as you explore gorgeous, hand-painted visuals from some of The Dark Eye’s most highly regarded artists
  • All Around Me Are Familiar Faces: With a history dating back to 1984, Book of Heroes features a host of iconic characters, locations, and lore from the sweeping history of The Dark Eye

More Information

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