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Tech Support: Error Unknown Free Demo

by Thelget

Iceberg Interactive and Dragon Slumber released a Tech Support: Error Unknown free demo on Gamejolt and Itch.io.  The game is playable on PC/Mac/Linux, the final version scheduled to release in February, 2019.

Tech Support: Error Unknown 

About Tech Support: Error Unknown

Tech Support: Error Unknown is a unique adventure game that recruits players as new-starters in the IT department of a large hi-tech corporation. From a virtual desktop interface, you’ll chat with customers and colleagues through an organic procedural dialogue system, solving puzzles and making discoveries and decisions that radically affect the branching narrative. Will you serve the company, or sabotage it from within?

The choice is yours.

Tech Support: Error Unknown Free Demo SS1


  • Engage customers and colleagues through a novel procedural dialogue system
  • Choose how to approach each situation in a sandbox computer environment
  • Decide who to side with and unlock new gameplay
  • Discover multiple major and minor endings
  • Mouse-only controls make the game accessible for all
Tech Support: Error Unknown Free Demo ss2

More Information

To get a copy of the Tech Support: Error Unknown free demo, visit the store page on Gamejolt or Itch.io.  Additionally, to learn more about the game please visit www.iceberg-games.com.

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