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Soundfall Rhythmic Dungeon Crawler Title

Soundfall Rhythmic Dungeon Crawler

Drastic Games’ debut title, Soundfall, a music-driven action adventure developed by alumni from Epic Games (Fortnite, Gears of War),…
Godhood Game Title

Godhood Game First Look

The Dutch independent studio Abbey Games today revealed the first details of their new title, the strategy god game…
Enlightenment Action Shooter Title

Enlightenment Action Shooter Released…

Independent video game company Coconut Island Games and developer Lizard King have officially launched the roguelike action shooter Enlightenment.…
Robert Kirkman's Thief of Thieves Title

Robert Kirkman’s Thief of…

Thief of Thieves: Season One, a video game based on Robert Kirkman’s best selling comic, launches today on Steam.…

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