Irdeto and Denuvo Join Forces Against Piracy

Irdeto and Denuvo Join Forces Against Piracy

Irdeto has acquired Denuvo, the world leader in gaming security, to provide anti-piracy and anti-cheat solutions for games on desktop, mobile, console and VR devices. Denuvo provides technology and services for game publishers and platforms, independent software vendors, e-publishers and video publishers across the globe. ... Read More

Suicide Squad Reveal

The movie set to release in 2016, looks like it will finally be DC’s answer to Marvel’s stream of blockbusters.  I’m definitely psyched about this one!  Sexy Harley Quinn, Slipknot, Katana and freakin bad ass version of the Joker.  Its a great time to be ... Read More

On A Whim..

Hanging out in Mumble with a gaming buddy, we were chatting about what games we’ve been playing and what new games were on the horizon.  I was clicking around the Steam store as we talked, just to see what was popular and what was on ... Read More


Judging by my post count since December, I guess it is fair to say I have been in a state of hibernation.  Winter gets more difficult every year as I’ve grown so tired of the cold, constant grey skies and excessive use of road salt ... Read More

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