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Sword Legacy: Omen Tactical RPG

by Thelget

Team17, a global games label, in partnership with Brazilian indie development teams Firecast Studios and Fableware Narrative Design, have announced Sword Legacy: Omen tactical RPG releases today on Steam.

About Sword Legacy: Omen Tactical RPG

Sword Legacy: Omen is a turn-based tactical RPG that provides a dark, brutal reimagining of the Arthurian Legend. Playing as Uther Pendragon, you must fight a path of vengeance across the realm of Broken Britannia to avenge your fallen lord and recover the lost sword, Excalibur. Uther won’t be fighting alone as along your journey you will be joined by a band of misfit fighters, each equipped with their own unique set of fighting skills. Explore the world and engage in challenging battles where you must use tactics to play to your hero’s strengths while exploiting your enemy’s weaknesses.

Sword Legacy: Omen Tactical RPG ss1

Combining a rich world with a striking, cartoon-aesthetic and brutal combat, Sword Legacy: Omen will take you on a journey through a war-torn land where Uther is dared to fulfil the legendary prophecy of Excalibur and must face legions of foes and gruesome bosses. From the grueling blizzards of Northumbria to the dark and mysterious Wessex you must be prepared to fight for the redemption that you seek.

Long live the legacy!

Sword Legacy: Omen Tactical RPG ss2

Story & Gameplay

The lord of Mercia has been assassinated, your love kidnapped, and your home is no more. As the leader of the party, you assume the role of Uther and his seven companions. Throughout your quest, you will have to face many trials and forge uneasy alliances in order acquire the mythical Excalibur sword and defeat the sinister and power-obsessed duke of Wessex.

Prove your worth as a tactician by exploring all five realms and dangerous locations, such as villages, dungeons, forests, and much more. Survive ambushes and rescue those in need by making use of each character’s abilities to solve riddles and vanquish your foes. It is up to you define the fate of Britannia… but at what cost?

Combat in Sword Legacy: Omen is always a challenge. As a strategist, you will need to plan your course of action with four characters at a time per quest. However, be ready to adapt and improvise because combat results always change based on the chosen abilities and the chances of landing an attack.

Sword Legacy: Omen Tactical RPG ss3

Key Features

  • Tactical Combat: Learn the importance of strategic positioning to unleash powerful talent combos.
  • Free Exploration: When not in combat, investigate the environment, find treasures, solve riddles, and uncover secrets.
  • Party Customization: Adapt characters to your play style, manage your team, and progress by unlocking over 70 unique skills.
  • Hordes of Enemies and Unique Bosses: Fight a variety of vicious mobs and face powerful monsters in grueling battles.
  • Stress System: Use all your might to become victorious, but deplete your willpower and witness your heroes fall prey to panic.
  • Old-School Art Style With a Dark Twist: Relive the beautiful aesthetic of classic animations fused with the visuals of obscure and gothic comics.
  • A Different Take on a Classic Myth: Experience the Arthurian legends as never before, as classic characters and places are revamped, in a mature storyline of vengeance, alchemy and retro technology.
  • Interactive Environment: Study your surroundings and make deadly moves by blowing up explosive barrels and pushing enemies off edges.

More Information

Available on Steam, Sword Legacy: Omen is priced at $17.99/€17.99. A Digital Deluxe Edition is also available which includes a digital story & art book, wallpapers and the Sword Legacy: Omen OST for $24.99/€24.99. Both editions have a 20% discount for the week of launch.

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