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Super Life RPG From Klick Ink Out Today

by Thelget

Klick Ink today announced the highly anticipated launch of its first major game, Super Life RPG. The game was created and developed by solo-dev Austin Farnsworth. A result of ten years of dreaming and a year of consistent crafting to bring the Super Life world to life.

Paying loving homage to flash game sensation, Stick RPG, Super Life introduces Sun Villa, a picturesque town filled with quests, characters, and some hidden nods that only the most astute will enjoy. From the first idea to the first sprite to first beta tester to now you – Super Life has been designed from the ground up for simple enjoyment as a fun and surprisingly addicting RPG – the world is just now beginning, dive in and get ready for the story to unfold.

Super Life RPG ss1

About Super Life RPG

Welcome home to Sun Villa! After a long summer at grandpa’s ranch, it’s time to finish school, get a job and move into your own place. Let the adventure of life begin! Super Life is a game about constant progression. Go to work, study or hit the gym, these actions will reward you will XP, STR (strength points) and INT (intelligence points). Earn enough points to level up and you will unlock new tasks, new job opportunities and new areas of the map to explore!

Super Life RPG ss2


  • Play as a male or female character
  • Work 20+ entry-level jobs
  • Get one of 3 degrees that will influence your career path
  • Own up to 4 houses to live in or rent out
  • Play mini-games or kick around the soccer ball
  • Invest in stocks or keep your money in the bank
  • Visit the money tree to collect your daily bag
  • Hunt for secrets around every corner!

More Information

Super Life RPG available now, exclusively on Steam. For more information about the game visit www.klickink.com or follow them on Twitter.

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