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Summer in Mara Adventure Game Coming 2019

by Thelget

Chibag, an independent game developer from Spain announced their new game Summer In Mara to be released later in 2019. Chibag is a small team of young developers, very enthusiastic about video games. The team has worked together for several years on mobile games until releasing Deiland for PS4 and PC in 2018.

About Summer in Mara

Summer in Mara is a single-player summer adventure about farming and crafting, with an easy-RPG system and exploration elements. You’ll be Koa, a little adventurer who has to take care of her own island. You can also sail away on your boat and explore an open ocean full with islands and people.

Summer in Mara Adventure Game ss1

Explore Mara Ocean

In the planet Qü, Mara is the ocean that brings life to our islands and our lives. You’re Koa, a little adventurer who has to take care of her home island. She has never seen the outside world beyond this island, but the ocean has always called her. Now, Mara ocean is in danger. The Elit, an evil organization for another planet, wants to conquer and exploit Mara’s resources. The game is inspired by the exploration in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, the farming in Stardew Valley, the visual aspect of Studio Ghibli’s movies and the adventure feeling of your childhood summers.

Summer in Mara Adventure Game ss2


  • You’ll have your own tropical island.
  • Plant, grow and harvest your own food and manage your island and resources.
  • Unravel the mystery of Mara and protect the sea from a evil corporation.
  • Sail all over your archipelago and find new islands and treasures.
  • Over 20 characters to meet and trade with. Befriend them!
  • Unlock and acquire new skills and abilities for Koa, helping her to craft, trade and explore in an easy-RPG system.
  • Improve your boat, make it bigger and faster.
  • Day and night cycle with climate events.

More Information

Summer In Mara adventure game releases on Steam later in 2019. Visit the Steam store page to add it to your wishlist or learn more. Additionally, the game releases on PS4 and Nintendo Switch, check the official website for more details.

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