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Strange Brigade Unveils New Content

by Thelget

Strange Brigade unveils new content with a new character, free maps and three free levels for Score Attack. All are available now!

Season Pass owners can now play as Patrick ‘Bash’ Conaghan, the ex-rodeo rider with an eye for danger and pots of gold! Bash and his ‘shocking’ Wrath of Quetzalcoatl amulet attack are also available separately in the Texas Cowboy Character Pack on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Strange Brigade New Content Overview

All adventurers can try their luck in additional Harbin’s Dig Path, Hidden Valley and Tunnels of Wadjet Score Attack levels, and the brand-spanking new Palace map for Horde Mode – all FREE and available NOW!

But those amazing additions are only the beginning for the STRANGE BRIGADE!

Rebellion have released a ruddy exciting road-map for the game’s upcoming content, showcasing the substantial supplements players can look forward to in the upcoming months, including the three-part THRICE DAMNED CAMPAIGN!

Strange Brigade Unveils New Content Harbens

Be Damned!

THRICE DAMNED begins in October with the first two campaign missions due in that month, and the thrilling conclusion arriving in November.
Also incoming for Season Pass owners are three additional character expansion packs, each featuring wondrous new weapons, an astounding amulet power and handsome hero!

And plenty of FREE content is on the way too, including a jolly good helping of new Score Attack levels and Horde maps.

DLC Roadmap


Texas Cowboy Character Pack

  • Patrick ‘Bash’ Conaghan playable character
  • Wrath of Quetzalcoatl amulet attack


  • Score Attack – Harbin’s Dig Path II
  • Score Attack – Hidden Valley II
  • Score Attack – Tunnels of Wadjet II
  • Horde map – Palace

Strange Brigade Unveils New Content Tunnels of Wadjet


Campaign Mission – The Thrice Damned 1: Isle of the Dead

American Aviatrix Character Expansion Pack

  • Tessie Caldwell playable character
  • Internal Firestorm amulet power
  • Hyde & Sons compact pistol
  • Colbeck Wildfire submachine gun
  • Glacier Bomb special item

Score Attack – Stone Church II
Score Attack – Cursed Village II
Horde map – Tunnels

Strange Brigade Unveils New Content Palace


Campaign Mission – The Thrice Damned 2: The Sunken Kingdom

Japanese Naval Officer Character Expansion Pack

  • Hachiro Shimuzu playable character
  • Piercing Pestilence amulet power
  • Marchador TT pistol
  • Mikhailov-38 rifle
  • Shock Grenade special item

Score Attack – Cut-Throat Caverns II
Score Attack – Forsaken City II
Horde map – Chamber


Campaign Mission – The Thrice Damned 3: Pyramid of Bes

Maharani Huntress Character Expansion Pack

  • Anjali Khan playable character
  • Mosin-Nagant rifle
  • MP40 submachine gun
  • Freeze Chain amulet power
  • Cluster Grenade special item

Score Attack – Great Pyramid II
Score Attack – Afterlife II
Horde map – Void

More Information

For more information regarding Strange Brigade or upcoming content releases, check out the office website.  Additionally, follow them on social media via Facebook or Twitter.

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