SteamCity Chronicles: Rise Of The Rose Coming Q4

Indie game developer and publisher Feelthere announced Q4 2019 as the official release date of SteamCity Chronicles: Rise Of The Rose – a unique turn-based strategy game set in a SteamPunk environment, and heavily influenced by Japanese culture.

SteamCity Chronicles: Rise Of The Rose

SteamCity tells the gripping story of the daring rebellion of Sophie von Eschenbach, the ‘Rose of Freedom’ who is up against a faceless organization from the East known as the Yamagami corporation. Decades ago, they overtook the once-proud city of Kolonenberg, a peaceful society living in harmony, and transformed it into a dystopian nightmare, where independent thought has become a myth, and every little part of life is under scrutiny and control. However, after 80 terrible years of oppression, things are about to change. This is where you come in!

SteamCity Chronicles: Rise Rose ss1

Deep Strategy And Planning

SteamCity offers a rich gameplay experience in the urban confines of the city. There is no time limit when taking turns and you are not required to act quickly. This allows for more in-depth and calculated decisions that encourage strategy and planning. You can position your forces to outflank the enemy or use natural chokepoints for ambushes. Using the camera, you may zoom to examine the battlefield and opponent forces. Each level has different objectives and you are rarely required to merely exterminate the enemy.

Missions may include destroying specific buildings or to assassinate a certain enemy leader. Units have a limited number of action-turns and some playable characters are capable of more actions than regular units. Special units will also have abilities that others lack. For example, a character might be able to use special attacks or inspire nearby units to fight harder against the enemy. With experience, you will learn the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent.

SteamCity Chronicles: Rise Rose ss2

Multiple Player Characters

SteamCity offers a host of playable characters at once, from brave Rose Militia members to powerful steam robots, renegade enemy soldiers and even the game’s primary characters. Once you have chosen your character, you can control them to move, run, scan the environment, place a sentry or open fire on the opponent. Each character within the game is an integral part of the overall experience and each will have their own part to play in the struggle for victory.

Wishlist Now On Steam

SteamCity Chronicles: Rise of the Rose is available for adding to your wishlist now on Steam. To get the latest news, visit the game’s official website or follow on Facebook.

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